Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weirdness in MeFi land

Redwolf's Adventures on MetaFilter

After spending some time reading a MetaFilter post about author Emily Giffin and her latest book - "Can we just be kind and respectful to one another??". This really leads into weirdness, including the realization that some of the posters on MeFi have been moderately successful in media such as books and movies.

At this point, writing a coherent post no longer seems like it's worth doing, SOOOOooo
Frickin' Corey Ann's blog entry about her battle with Emily Giffin. Then, as something of a non-sequitur, the Wikipedia entry for Something Borrowed (film).
How this leads to BuzzFeed's Steve Martin: King of Social Media, I'll never know (yeah, it was a link in the comments, but does it have any real meaning?)
This XKCD comic clearly has implications for the Corey Ann-Emily Giffin feud.Author John Scalzi commented on the feud, too.
So did Nathan Caswell.

A bunch of advice columnists talked about being advice columnists.
...The key is sympathy and empathy
My Boss Has Body Odour...

Other MeFi Links:
Infrastructure Costs
All exotic white girls look the same to me
Some cool logos on The Westeros Football League.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Stuff I should really do

Here are some links I really want to investigate:

Lifehacker: Use the first 30 minutes... - OK, I went back to this one and it's really lame. Read the news for 20 minutes? Do that at home before you leave for work. Reviewing yesterday's email is a good idea, but it takes me more than 5 minutes.

Lifehacker about toutapp

Lifehacker: 7 Awesome features of Win 7 that were forgotten

Lifehacker: Turn on 2 factor auth.

google 2 factor verification