Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catching up

This is a catch all post with some comments on things I saw on the web the last few days...

As usual, lifehacker has more advice than any reasonable person could use. Take 9 Kits You Should Have in Your Home to Prepare You for Anything. This is like reading EULA's. It's a great idea, but nobody does it. I'd be surprised if the author has all 9 kits complete and ready to go. Also in lifehacer, The Eight Secrets of Success, According to TED Attendees. I think TED is cool and all, but by and large, I am somewhat hesitant to let a bunch of hipster techies tell me how to be successful. But if you are really interested, you could read Richard St. John's blog. You still have time for Hacker Challenge: Hide Your Cables. Sunrise Starts Your Day with an Email Digest of Your Appointments, Events, and Birthdays. Is it better than Mingly or Reqall? Can it scrape everything from Outlook, Android, iPhone, etc? Does it need to be installed on multiple devices. If I actually check it out I'll write more. Here is the direct link to Sunrise. You authenticate with your facebook login.

A few more:
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