Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas 2 nights before Christmas

and I have some weird links to share: I always find Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess blog interesting and annoying. I got there via Popehat and there report of Amy's assault by the TSA. Who will watch the watchers indeed.

You can get Louis CK's performance for $5. Apparently, this has been wildly successful. More travel info from MSNBC. Apparently you can now call the TSA while you are being abused. And I bet this family doesn't think that Southwest Airlines is the greatest thing in the sky. This report of a football player's heroism off the gridiron may belong on Scoreless Tie, but I'm here, so here it is.

Beware Krampus, the German Christmas demon. Some misc. links:
What to do with Christmas crap.
Baking 911
And today is Festivus!

Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm not sure why I'm posting this

Here is some random stuff from today. Ten most outrageous credit card charges; no reason, I just liked the title of the article. Autism hidden in plain sight - this is a great series. Click the link and read the whole thing. Jenny McCarthy is a whack job. (Who said we're Wack?) In the UK, sensitivity to autism is absent in department store Santa Claus. Although it seems to bother the mother more than the autistic chile.

What is college for? - another catchy title, so-so article. But if you're selling textbooks, Lifehacker can give you advice on getting the best deal. Twitter stalkers be free! This may be getting out of hand. Cosmic mystery - solved or not? You be the judge. Ars has pretty good writing. There are some really screwed up people in this world. Too often it leads to tragedy.

A lot of what I'm blogging come from Just wanted to point that out. It may remain unsaid in the future. This one didn't - my search result for Tofu Strudel. (I don't think I will be making it any time soon). Jutoh - for creating ebooks. Ultra PC Care 3.0 for Windows - keep your PC running right.